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Welcome to the weblog for Alberts-Astro.  This blog is meant to share my experiences with astrophotography with information about basic processes, notes on equipment, good and bad experiences, and so on.  Hopefully, the articles here will be helpful and interesting. Please feel free to comment on any of the information presented.

By the way I’m  Al Tuttle.  I know, it’s confusing,..  Al is for Alan, not Albert…. Albert’s our dog, a Cavalier Spaniel.

This is Albert

Albert’s obviously much cuter than I, and smarter too!  He doesn’t try to do Astronomy in a place with as many cloudy days and nights as the Pacific Northwest.

I started with astrophotography mid-2007.  No real background in Astronomy or Photography, but deep space photography has grabbed me hard and won’t let go.  There is a LOT to it.  Like most things you can approach it at many levels, but I’ve found to be proficient with this there are many, many technical details to work through and lot’s of problems/projects to take on.  I’m a retired mechanical engineer, so for me it’s like being a kid in a candy store.  Aside from this blog, I keep a homepage with some basic info, and a gallery of my celestial images.  I may change this setup in the future and combine it all in this blog, but for now the Homepage/Gallery is HERE.

Anyway, I hope you find the info in the blog useful and enjoy the pictures on my main site.  Again, please feel free to comment or provide correction on any of the articles presented.

Clear Skies!!


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