Month: November 2009

New GM-8 – First Light

Aug 2009 – Finally, a night with stars and a chance to test out my new GM-8. I recently bought a brand new Losmandy GM-8. I bought this mount to serve as a portable (almost grab-n-go) to take when I head up into the hills to do imaging. I found that my CGE is just New GM-8 – First Light

DIY Scope Heaters

Ever had your scope objective dew up? Frustration eh? After it happened to me I went shopping for ready made heaters. Well… being frugal (i mean really cheap), I just couldn’t bring myself to part with the money they wanted for the heaters. So…. I looked for ways to do it myself. The solution I DIY Scope Heaters

AP Mount Considerations

After 3 years in this hobby (I hate calling it a hobby… addiction, passion, endeavor, pursuit…) I’ve formed some opinions about what makes a mount suitable for astrophotography. Choosing a mount for your telescope is a very individual thing. It’s very much dependent on your goals, your current and future telescopes and cameras, whether it’s AP Mount Considerations

Location, Location, Location

What a difference dark skies make. Living in the great Pacific Northwest, opportunities to image under clear skies are rare.  Under dark skies, even rarer. Lately, whenever the weather permits, I grab my gear and head up into the Olympic Mountains.  I enter up by Port Angeles and head up to Hurricane Ridge, which has Location, Location, Location