Well, I got into this in August of 2007, my sister lent me her 8” Celestron SCT so I could tinker a bit with taking some deep space pictures.  Well that failed completely.  It was obvious that I had (and still have) al lot to learn.
I bought my self some entry level telescopes, an equatorial mount, a DSI Pro CCD camera and started to learn how to do this.
These pages will show the better images I’ve been able to capture and will hopefully show improvement as I learn more and build some experience.  So have a look at the image gallery.  I’ve also posted pictures of the equipment set up and how I modified my DSI Pro camera if you’re interested. Also have a look at my blog. I recently set it up to provide comments on mistakes I've made, lessons learned, DIY projects, my opinions on various astro gear, etc. Link to the blog is to the left.
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Scopes:    Celestron 6” SCT
                 Meade 80mm APO
Mounts:    Celestron CG-5 GT
                 Losmandy GM-8
                 Celestron CGE
Camera:    Meade DSI Pro
Eye Pcs:   WO 40mm and 15mm
                 TMB 6mm
                 Celestron 25mm
Filters:      Ha, IR, UHC, RGB
Misc:         Atik Filter Wheel
                 Dew Heaters
                 (Home built)
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