Good Scope, Good Mount, Bad Weather

Really? It’s May…. What the Heck is going on? I guess it’s my own fault. I bought the new gear last year… A new mount, a new scope, new cameras. So now the weather gods have come to take their revenge. Seriously though, this year has been dreadful so far. I’ve really only had one … Read more

Astrophotography: Why do I do this?

I actually think about this question often, although it’s usually in response to a question like: Why don’t you travel to Arizona or other darker/warmer area? or, Why not set up and use a remote dark site observatory? They’re good questions, and I often think through the issues, but I always ultimately end up with … Read more

Building an Observatory 1st Find a Location

When we moved to Wenatchee in Eastern Washington, the thought was to put an observatory in the yard of wherever our home turned out to be. However, I found there was nearly as much light pollution in our new location as there was at our previous home over on the Seattle side of the Cascades. … Read more