Comment on the Weather

Go ahead…  make my day.  Tell me how good or bad your weather is.  Lemme tell ya’, this PNW weather is dragging me down.

I’ll start,  It’s Nov 28.  The last chance I had  to do some astrophotography (actually just good enough to do some mount testing) was on the 13th, the time before that was the 10th of October.  Now you know why I’m workin on the web site and blog so much….  no long nights to sleep off, no images to process.  <heavy sigh>….


1 thought on “Comment on the Weather”

  1. Ok…. So we got two clear(ish) nights in a row. 1 & 2 December. Not good enough to image…. because of course the the good weather came with the full moon…. bummer.

    Anyway. Can’t complain tooooo much. Finally some time to do a couple guiding tests.

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