Narrowband with a color camera

I’ve never really done well with the data acquisition & processing steps needed for LRGB imaging. There are so many ways to fail due to the number of image sets (lights, flats, darks, etc.) each with their issues of filter alignment, focus, dust, reflections, and whatnot. So although I started with mono, I’ve done most of my imaging with OSC cameras. Recently multi-band filters designed for use with color cameras have become available. Last year I purchased and Optolong L-eXtreme dual band filter and have had some good luck with it shooting under a not-so-dark skies. Here’s an example:


Captured with a ZWO ASI533osc on 8″RC @ f/5.6 using the dual-band filter

This was shot on a full moon night. I think the result is as good as any separate filter NB image I’ve taken. Fewer worries, one filter, one set of lights and Flats, no problems with filter wheel errors and re-focusing filters….. I’m sold on this kind of setup.

I still have my full NB filter setup (actually currently setup as Ha-LRGB wheel), but I doubt I’ll use it this year. We’ll see.


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