Good Scope, Good Mount, Bad Weather


It’s May….

What the Heck is going on?

I guess it’s my own fault. I bought the new gear last year… A new mount, a new scope, new cameras. So now the weather gods have come to take their revenge.

Seriously though, this year has been dreadful so far. I’ve really only had one decent night up at the observatory. Just enough clear sky to get the after-winter polar alignment done and that’s it. Since then it’s been clouds, rain, or strong winds. Now June brings the summer solstice shortest nights of the year which means only 2hrs of complete darkness at this latitude. Errrgh.

Oh well, hopefully I’ll get some clear nights to test & collimate my little RC-8 and get the camera & guider paired in focus and ready for the following months. In recent years I’ve been able to work late in the year, out to even early Dec before the snow gets too deep. I’m hoping this year does the same.

In the meantime (downtime), I’ve been working on reconstructing this blog and re-processing some pictures. I may have discovered some techniques to get a smoother background in the pictures, I’ll post again with how-to info if it works out.

Here’s the latest reprocess job:

Heart (natural)

IC1805 in natural color, taken with a ZWO asi533.

I also processed this a few days earlier and modified the color into a brown/bronze look which seems more dynamic, but this one also works for me. You can see them both in the gallery of images. If one looks better to you leave a comment.

Enjoy your days,


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