About this Weblog

Welcome to the weblog for Alberts-Astro.  This blog is meant to share my astrophotography experiences along with information about basic processes, notes on equipment, good and bad experiences, and so on.  Hopefully, the articles here will be helpful and interesting. Please feel free to comment on any of the information presented.

By the way I’m  Alan Tuttle.  I know, it’s weird, it’s not Albert.   Albert was our first Cavalier Spaniel and we loved him dearly.   He became a big part of our lives, but sadly, he passed in 2010. He was always around while I did astronomy stuff…. So, he gets remembered in the website name.

Albert @ Christmas

Who knows why I took up astronomy in a place with as many cloudy nights as the Pacific Northwest (well now we’ve moved to Wenachee in North Central Washington). I started in mid-2007 when my sister lent me her orange tube, fork mounted, 8″ Celestron SCT so I could tinker a bit with taking some deep space pictures.  That effort totally failed, but it got me exposed to the challenges and rewards of deep space photography.  There are many technical details to explore and work through, and lot’s of problems/projects to take on.  I’m a retired mechanical engineer, so for me it’s like being a kid in a candy store.

Over the years, I’ve ended up with several scopes, cameras, and mounts, bought property, and built a roll-off roof observatory.  I’ve concluded this hobby can be as expensive as you let it.

These pages will show the better images I’ve been able to capture and will hopefully show improvement as I learn more and build some experience. There are also pages giving some helpful links, some introductory processing examples, and observing areas around Wenatchee.

This blog used to be just a comment section for the front webpage(s) but I’ve recently moved almost everything astronomy related over to this blog.  Plus, I finally brought the image gallery mostly up to date and transferred it here.  Be sure to check out the Astrophotography Galleries.

Anyway, I hope you find the info in the blog useful and enjoy the photo galleries.  Again, please feel free to comment or provide correction on any of the articles presented.

Clear Skies!!