Good Scope, Good Mount, Bad Weather

Really? It’s May…. What the Heck is going on? I guess it’s my own fault. I bought the new gear last year… A new mount, a new scope, new cameras. So now the weather gods have come to take their revenge. Seriously though, this year has been dreadful so far. I’ve really only had one … Read more

Astrophotography: Why do I do this?

I actually think about this question often, although it’s usually in response to a question like: Why don’t you travel to Arizona or other darker/warmer area? or, Why not set up and use a remote dark site observatory? They’re good questions, and I often think through the issues, but I always ultimately end up with … Read more

Narrowband with a color camera

I’ve never really done well with the data acquisition & processing steps needed for LRGB imaging. There are so many ways to fail due to the number of image sets (lights, flats, darks, etc.) each with their issues of filter alignment, focus, dust, reflections, and whatnot. So although I started with mono, I’ve done most … Read more

Building an Observatory 1st Find a Location

When we moved to Wenatchee in Eastern Washington, the thought was to put an observatory in the yard of wherever our home turned out to be. However, I found there was nearly as much light pollution in our new location as there was at our previous home over on the Seattle side of the Cascades. … Read more