A 50mm Finder as a Guidescope

Back in April 2009 I wanted to have a more portable system using a more lightweight mount. thus reducing the weight of the imaging gear is a good thing. I’d seen in the forums on Cloudynights.com that some folks were using 50mm finder scopes as guiders. I decided I had to try modifying one myself. … Read more

Self Guiding with SBIG Camera

Nov 14 2009 – My first real try at using the internal guider in my SBIG ST-2000xcm camera. For some reason it’s been hard for me to get up the nerve to set up and use the internal guide chip of my SBIG camera. Up to this point I’ve always used Craig Stark’s wonderful PHD … Read more

My first Ever Blog Post!!!!

This blog is going to tell the tales of my triumphs and failures in pursuit of collecting photons from deep space.  I plan to share info on equipment, locations, methods and processes. I’ll tell what has worked for me  and what hasn’t.  Projects that were worthwhile, and those that weren’t. Hopefully this info (my hard … Read more