Astronomy Fashion – Staying Warm

I’m going to touch on this subject with a few things I’ve found to keep me warm.  Well, more accurately, things that help lower the volume of my teeth chattering.  Please chime in with any things you’ve found that help you stay comfortable through cold winter nights. First, some guidelines: Don’t wear cotton next to Astronomy Fashion – Staying Warm


Going remote with your Astrophotography Rig? You’ll need power….  Quite a bit of it.  Most people won’t want to have a generator ruining the peaceful solitude of the night, so battery power is the usual solution. So how much power do you need, what kind of batteries will do, how to connect to them, how Batteries

PE Measurement

Oh geeze….   PE.   Now this is a horrid subject.  Here’s an introductory guide. This discussion will refer to errors in the drive systems of  German Equatorial Mounts (GEMs) and particularly to those that are driven by a worm gear arrangement.  The basics and principles will of course also apply to other drive systems, PE Measurement

SBIG Self Guide Cable (Optocoupler)

I worry a lot. It seems there are a lot of folks that have trouble with hooking up their guider correctly, things not working right, and even damage to the mount and/or camera….  So I worry.   After I got my Losmandy mount with the Gemini controller I reviewed the manual carefully and read lots of SBIG Self Guide Cable (Optocoupler)

New GM-8 – First Light

Aug 2009 – Finally, a night with stars and a chance to test out my new GM-8. I recently bought a brand new Losmandy GM-8. I bought this mount to serve as a portable (almost grab-n-go) to take when I head up into the hills to do imaging. I found that my CGE is just New GM-8 – First Light